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Edwin Evangelista

Edwin Evangelista

Represented by Bicoastal Model Management / Stone Model Management


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Edwin Pierrot has a love for curly hair that spans across decades and countries. This lover of style and texture began life in the pristine countryside of the Dominican Republic until the tender age of seven when he relocated to New Jersey. As a boy, Edwin would find himself playing, teasing and adding style to his sister’s hair, a joy that stayed with him until this day. Edwin quickly learned that his visage could take him far in life. During his teen years he began working as a sought after model. His look being chiseled in the Caribbean he found success in front of the camera but not always behind it. It was during these formative years of modeling that Edwin learned that his majestic curls were deemed troublesome and unmanageable by the very industry that he had grown to adore. While he thought about how to be more marketable with the abundance of hair that he was born with, he began to consider the lives of other beautiful people who at times felt that they measured up except when it came to what naturally grew from their scalps. He began to consider what would be needed and removed from the various products that he had used over the past 25 years. He ventured out to find a product that had all natural ingredients, smelled exquisite and didn’t require the assistance of a hair stylist in case the budget did not allow such visits. Finally, after months of contemplation Edwin found the formula that would allow Curl Daddy to be birthed for no other reason than for you to know what it feels like to love your hair and love yourself.

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